Presentation to Coldstream


Hoping to convince at least one nearby government council to restrict or ban GMO within its jurisdiction, BeeSAFE makes one more presentation, this time a 10-minute summary to Coldstream Municipal Council. Download the attached file "Talking points for a presentation" for the text used in this presentation.

Summary of GMO Free Zone Campaign.

What is impeding a regional decision on GM Crops?

by Huguette Allen
For years, first as a concerned citizen then as a representative of Bee SAFE, I've been warning our Regional District that GM crops contaminate wild and cultivated plants of the same family, which means that:
  1. GM crops cannot co-exist with organic or conventional crops

  2. GM crops inevitably destroy our choice to grow organic or conventional non-GM crops

  3. to continue letting GM crops proliferate is to decide to turn the region's agriculture into a chemical-based, corporate-owned GM monoculture model.

Rural Lumby Director Repudiates Vote

Director Rick FairbairnArea 'D' director Rick Fairbairn made a statement Wednesday the 5th of June, at a NORD Board meeting, that no decision on GM Crops has been made, and this despite a vote of 92.8% against the growing of GM crops in Area D. This leaves us with the question: Who or what is Director Fairbairn supporting if not his community's will?

Read more for BeeSAFE's response.


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