Russia puts GMO Genie back into the Bottle

Russian PMs have pondered a draft bill outlawing GMOs. A draft bill submitted to the Russian parliament likens GMO production and distribution to terrorism. After entering the World Trade Organization, Russia was expected to allow GM food production and distribution within its market. However, in March Russia’s President Putin said the country would stay GM-free without violating its obligations to the WTO.

Presentation to Coldstream


Hoping to convince at least one nearby government council to restrict or ban GMO within its jurisdiction, BeeSAFE makes one more presentation, this time a 10-minute summary to Coldstream Municipal Council. Download the attached file "Talking points for a presentation" for the text used in this presentation.

Summary of GMO Free Zone Campaign.

What is impeding a regional decision on GM Crops?

by Huguette Allen
For years, first as a concerned citizen then as a representative of Bee SAFE, I've been warning our Regional District that GM crops contaminate wild and cultivated plants of the same family, which means that:
  1. GM crops cannot co-exist with organic or conventional crops

  2. GM crops inevitably destroy our choice to grow organic or conventional non-GM crops

  3. to continue letting GM crops proliferate is to decide to turn the region's agriculture into a chemical-based, corporate-owned GM monoculture model.

Rural Lumby Director Repudiates Vote

Director Rick FairbairnArea 'D' director Rick Fairbairn made a statement Wednesday the 5th of June, at a NORD Board meeting, that no decision on GM Crops has been made, and this despite a vote of 92.8% against the growing of GM crops in Area D. This leaves us with the question: Who or what is Director Fairbairn supporting if not his community's will?

Read more for BeeSAFE's response.


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